Board of Directors

President’s Message

Randy Kajioka President, Sacramento Asian Peace Officers Association

Dear APOA Members & Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to visit our website.  The Sacramento Asian Peace Officers’ Association (APOA) was created in 1991 & at that time, consisted primarily of local law enforcement officers.  In 1993, we hosted our 1st annual Community Service Awards Banquet.  Since then, we have proudly blossomed into an association of not only local, but also state and federal law enforcement members working toward a common goal of the promotion & advancement of Asian Pacific Islanders within the law enforcement profession.  With such growth has come opportunities for interagency networking, specialized training, & a strong presence out in the community.  This exposure is one way of showing our community that law enforcement is a viable option that they too can pursue.  We want to touch the hearts of our youth so that they have a positive exposure to law enforcement.  With the hope of teaching our youth life skills, we have provided classes on topics such as Distracted Driving, Safety in Social Networking and Bullying.  In response to membership requests, we have instituted mentoring programs and mock interviews.  Lastly, to ensure the voice of the public is heard & understood, we have community members on our board as well.

We understand networking & communication is vital in any endeavor.  To keep that practice active, we participate in the national annual training conferences.  This year it is in San Francisco.  I am reaching out to your department leaders to educate them on the value of this national network and law enforcement training.

As a reminder, we have out 25th Anniversary Community Service Awards Banquet held on August 31, 2018 at the Happy Garden Restaurant on Stockton Blvd.  We will be hosting our annual golf tournament later in the year.

We can always do more.  Please share your thoughts and ideas, join, and most importantly…..participate.

Randy Kajioka
President, Sacramento Asian Peace Officers Association


Executive Council

President, Randy Kajioka

Vice President of Operations, Steven Leese

Vice President of Community Relations, Roger Ikemoto

Treasurer, Rick Fong

Parliamentarian, Russell Tanihana

Secretary, Asvi Phuong


Michael Craft

Darrin Hashisaka

James Jungkeit

Jeff Kikumoto

Frank Sim

Dennis Gallagher

David Chan

Sue Brooks

Ronald Tam