Dear Members & Supporters:

Welcome to our 24th Annual Community Service Awards Banquet.

For over two decades the Asian Peace Officers Association has been an active part of our community.  We started our community work with the Boys & Girls Club of Sacramento, the Okubo-APOA Martial Arts Academy and training for our law enforcement brothers and sisters.

We successfully mentored and helped the first Hmong female officer to be sworn into the Sacramento Sherriff’s Department.  We worked with our brother and sister organizations like the Oakland APOA & San Francisco APOA to successfully get Lai Lai Bui from the Sacramento Police Department, appointed to the POST Commission.

With the continuous support of you and our sponsors we continue to support our original benefactors but are able to support worthwhile organizations such as ARI, OCA, GSVACC and expanding to other organizations such as Invictus and APSEA Foundations, and that’s just to name a few.

With you may not have known about are some of the other things that APOA has done out in our community.  We have provided a class for counselors at the Transcultural Wellness Center, things to be aware of when they go into the homes of the folks needing their service.  We provide a Domestic Violence FAQ session hosted by My Sisters House, provide Safety in Social Networking and Distracted Driving to a new organization called Strive for Strength.

There is so much more to do so thank you for attending, buy raffle tickets and have a great time!